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Q. What check-ups and tests do i need and how often should I get them?

Test Frequency
Blood pressure measurements every 1-2 years
Breast Exams monthly SELF-exams; annual physician
Mammography after age 40, every 1-2 years; check with your doctor for your personal risk needs
Cholesterol levels every 5 years after age 18
Pelvic Exams/Pap smears every 1-3 years after age 18 or when sexually active
Rectal Exams annually over age 50; earlier if you have Inflammatory bowel disease or first-degree relative with colon cancer
Blood sugar levels varies, depending on family history, personal risk factors for diabetes
Skin Exams annual mole checks; self inspection for suspicious growths
Dental Exams twice a year for check-up and cleaning
HIV test if you had a blood transfusion between 1978 and 1985, have injected illegal drugs, have had multiple sexual partners or have had sex with a man who had sex with another man
Syphilis, Gonorrhea or Chlamydia Tests if you have had multiple sexual partners or any sexually transmitted diseases
Tuberculosis Test (TB) If you have injected illegal drugs, have been an alcoholic or a health care worker, have been exposed to someone with tuberculosis, have recently moved from Asia, Africa, Central or South America, or the Pacific Islands, or if you have kidney failure or HIV infection

Q. What sorts of immunization do I need as an adult woman?

A. Adults need immunizations (“shots”) to prevent serious diseases. You should get a tetanus-diphtheria shot every ten years. At age 65 you should get a pneumococcal (“pneumonia”) shot and begin having influenza (“flu”) shots every year.

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