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Simple Ways to Protect Your Kids from Poisons

  1. Post the number.
    Get the phone number for your poison control center, and post it in a place where family members can find it in an emergency. Tape it to the telephone, post it on the refrigerator, or tack it to the bulletin board. Call the center now to receive helpful advice and phone stickers or magnets displaying this important phone number. If you don’t know the number, click here for a directory of numbers for centers across the United States. Fast access to this number could save your child’s life.
  2. Do the flush.
    Search the medicine cabinets, bathrooms, the kitchen, the garage, and other rooms of your home to find nonessential household products as well as any unusual, unnecessary, or expired drugs you’ve been meaning to toss out. For example, flush down the toilet those painkillers your doctor prescribed three years ago. Rid your home of these nonessentials right now.
  3. Now crawl around.
    Get down on your hands and knees and crawl every place your children go, including inside your closets, so that you can see every nook and cranny from their point of view. You’ll be surprised what you may find–that free sample of dishwashing detergent that rolled under the kitchen hutch, Grandma’s heart pills stuck between the sofa cushions, and the old jug of drain cleaner lurking in your bathroom closet. Check your entire home regularly to make sure that all poisons are not just out of sight and out of reach (kids can open doors and climb on counters), but secured well in a cabinet with a lock or safety latch.

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